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Privacy Policy

1. Purpose.  This privacy policy (the “Policy”) explains how Industrial Realty Group, LLC, its affiliates, representatives, agents, assigns, and employees (collectively, “IRG”) may collect, use, maintain and disclose certain Personal Information (as defined herein) from current and prospective residents and employees (each, an “Individual” and, collectively, “Individuals”). Personal Information may be provided to IRG by an Individual on The East End Website (the “Website”) by phone, by email, in person, or through other means, such as through third-party vendors working with IRG.

2. Industrial Realty Group, LLC.  IRG is a privately-held real estate development and investment firm specializing in the acquisition, development and management of commercial and industrial real estate across the country. The East End Project (“The East End”) is a 1.4-million-square-foot, mixed-use redevelopment project being completed by IRG, which will transform the former Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company campus located in Akron, Ohio, into a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood. 

3. Personal Information Defined.  As used herein, “Personal Information” means information by which an Individual can be personally identified and includes an Individual’s first name or first initial and last name in combination with any one or more of the following items: (1) social security number; (2) driver’s license number or government-issued identification number; (3) bank account number or credit or debit card number in combination with or without any required security code, access code, or password that would permit access to an Individual’s financial account; (4) street address or email address; (5) age or date of birth; (6) number of children; (7) education, occupation or employment information; (8) telephone number; (9) real property purchased, leased, or rented by an Individual; or (10) debit card or credit card balance, payment history or information pertaining to an Individual’s credit, assets, income or liabilities. Personal Information does not include publicly available information that is lawfully made available to the general public from the federal, state or local government.

4. Collection and Use of Personal Information.  When an Individual applies to rent an apartment at The East End and during an Individual’s residency, IRG may ask such Individual to disclose certain Personal Information on rental or employment applications or other documents or areas of the Website. This Personal Information will be collected, maintained and used by IRG for legitimate business purposes, including: (1) confirming Individual’s identity; determining Individual’s eligibility to rent an apartment and determining that Individual continues to meet eligibility requirements during lease term; (2) completing the leasing process; (3) requesting credit and background check reports in connection with leasing or job applications; (4) processing job applications; (5) contacting Individual in response to inquiries, comments, and suggestions, or when otherwise necessary; (6) tracking Individual’s use of the Website for internal market research or Website improvement; (7) distributing information on special promotions, contests or surveys regarding products and services provided by IRG, or its affiliates or partners; (8) completing transactions on the Website; (9) notifying Website visitors about updates to the Website; (10) providing our third-party service providers with Personal Information as IRG believes necessary, as required by law, regulation or as requested by government authorities; (11) acting in connection with any acquisition, merger, sale or other transfer of any portion of business or property; (12) maintaining internal business; and (13) collecting any amounts Individual may owe to IRG.

5. Protection and Access to Personal Information.  IRG may keep Personal Information an Individual provides in its files. If an Individual becomes a resident at The East End, IRG will keep Personal Information in a resident file. If an Individual does not become a resident, IRG will keep Personal Information in a general file. The property owner, property manager, and, if applicable, agents and employees of the foregoing, will have access to the files in accordance with this Policy and pursuant to security measures designed to safeguard any Personal Information. IRG may disclose Personal Information for business-related reasons to others, such as independent contractors, credit reporting agencies, background check reporting agencies, collection agencies or prospective purchasers of the property or their agents and employees as allowed by law.

6. Disposal of Records Containing Personal Information.  IRG shall use reasonable efforts to dispose of business or customer records that contain Personal Information by shredding, erasing or otherwise destroying such information in a manner consistent with this Policy so that it cannot practicably be read or reconstructed. IRG may do so by contracting with a third party engaged in the business of record destruction.

7. Site Usage Information.  IRG may directly, or through its vendors, collect information through "cookies." Cookies are small strings of text sent by the Website to an Individual’s browser and stored by such Individual’s browser on the Individual’s computer hard drive. Cookies help IRG understand how Individuals use the Website and other linked sites to personalize and improve the Individual’s Website experience. IRG does not use cookies that store Personal Information or associate cookie information with Personal Information an Individual may have provided. Most Web browsers automatically accept cookies, but an Individual may change browser settings so Individual’s computer will not accept cookies. To create a profile on the Website, an Individual must have cookies turned on.

8. Collection of Personal Information.  IRG may collect anonymous information about the use of the Website, such as the number of visitors, the length and time of visits, the pages visitors view, the web browsers visitors use, and other similar information. Such anonymous data may be used and disclosed by IRG, in its sole discretion, to third parties to improve the Website and better understand the needs of Individuals using the Website. While IRG’s security measures are intended to protect Individuals’ Personal Information, the complete security of any transmission over the Web cannot be guaranteed.

9. The Website.  The Website may link to other websites, which may have information, policies and practices different from the Website. IRG is not responsible for the privacy policies, practices and/or content of such third-party sites. Individuals may contact such third-party websites directly for information regarding such sites.

10. Conflicts.  This Policy has been designed to meet the requirements of applicable law with respect to the adoption of a privacy policy. To the extent that such laws conflict with this Policy, IRG will act in accordance with applicable laws. Nothing contained in this Policy shall constitute a representation or warranty that Personal Information will not be misplaced, duplicated, or stolen and no liability is assumed with respect to any such occurrence.

11. Children.  IRG shall not collect or maintain information collected from the Website from Individuals IRG’s knows are under the age of thirteen (13). IRG does not permit Individuals under the age of thirteen (13) to become registered users of the Website. No part of the Website is structured to attract anyone under the age of thirteen (13). By using the Website, an Individual represents that the Individual is not under the age of thirteen (13).

12. Consent; Changes to the Policy.  By using the Website and providing IRG with Personal Information, an Individual has consented to IRG contacting such Individual by email to provide the Individual with information relating to the Individual’s inquiry. The individual may opt out of any future commercial email messages from IRG by choosing the link in the email communication with instructions on how to remove an Individual’s contact information from IRG’s email list. If the Individual is a resident of one of IRG’s residential communities and that Individual opts out of commercial email from IRG, that Individual will continue to receive email from IRG regarding operational issues for the residential space, the lease for the space, or other information involving the community. IRG reserves the right, at any time, to add to, modify or remove portions of this Policy. Individuals should check back to the Policy periodically to determine if the Policy has been changed. If this Policy is changed, IRG will update the date listed below and post a notice to that effect on the Website’s home page for at least thirty (30) days after such a change. If an Individual has provided IRG with an email address, IRG may (but is not required to) send the Individual an email notification regarding the changes. An Individual’s continued use of the Website after any changes have been made will constitute acceptance of the revised Policy.

13. Contact.  If an Individual has questions regarding this Privacy Policy, such Individual may contact IRG may only answer questions regarding this Policy at this address.


Policy last updated: June 01, 2015