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    We're featured in this month's edition of #PropertiesMagazine. Turn to page 27 to see all the progress at The East End including The Lofts, our brand new, high-end apartments![0]=AT1wJIok0whqH9fA24r7XhTRz9WeEhPQAem66gHvouqlRg3X-jt2iwEhtX9sxSAE3Eu9u2nHu5SRaugRjhn6ka5L2gWRrJQyHbhqCO3vMsdXrTnJgdFpXBFTlPmbEc3yXnzKPiXdwXvXZggCjIM2M00vWFAOPutHIFwf17m9idHSiBtf79_WfoyBINDdtD0HxCT0q1NA

    Babcock & Wilcox appears to be on the rise. After a rough period hobbled by COVID, the Akron-based energy and environmental engineering company has announced some big deals and says it has a pipeline of $6.5 billion in prospective new work ahead.

    You heard the rumors... and they're true! #PitaPit is now open at The East End. Come in today to taste something delicious! Visit them at 1205 E Market St, Akron, OH 44305.🥙

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